7 generations from now…

We are entering Aquarius, the visionary of the zodiac. The one who can see into the future. As a consequence of this, I have been prompted to meditate on the impact of my actions a little more. A Dear teacher of mine spoke about invisiging the effect that my present day actions may have on people living 7 generations from now, and the planet, 7 generations from now. That was an impactful thought. I have found myself, since that statement, becoming acutely aware of everything I throw ‘away’. Where is ‘away’, after all? There IS no ‘away’! We live on this Earth, the waste we generate stays on this Earth- there is nowhere see to put it.
Facebook is covered in photos of turtles swimming through plastic floatsam. Now IS the time to act, tomorrow is too late. Today I have been repeatedly shocked at how easily and freely I open the bin to put things in- when perhaps I never needed to bring those things into my orbit to start with. I know I can’t overhaul it all in a day, so I started small. Today I ordered a ‘no junk mail’ sticker for my letterbox, and contacted Royal Mail to ask for a form to apply to opt out of receiving flyers from the postman. It’s a start, wish me luck 🙂

big love to all, Lisa

​Back to the heart where there is nothing to say. 

There is nothing to say from here. Words rise and then fall away, noiselessly- I look on. I feel sensation arising in the body. Fear and guilt and all manner of qualities. I look on. Nothing to say from here. 
I was going to tell you about my blood test, but now it has passed. I sit on the sofa in quietude, gently pondering my plans for the next few days. I can feel the temptation to get into thinking about it. To begin worrying about it. To start trying to control it. I must resist the pull- there is nothing but pain there. Once I am caught by a thought, once I believe just one- I am sucked as if by quicksand, into misery. Best thing to do for me, for now, is to touch not any thoughts at all.

Blessed be.

The weakness of ‘not good enough’

​I was reading through fellow bloggers posts this morning, finding such beauty in the words of these complete strangers. Strangers in one way, yet I know them all- the way they weave their words, describing with such eloquence, the beauty of Being and the challenge of our shared humanity. 
Then (and he didn’t come as a surprise), I notice a greyness approaching…a familiar voice comes in- I would bet everything that you know him too. He is the one that says, in one form or another – that you are ‘not good enough’. I watch him creep into my awareness subtly. He is grey and sly, he sneaks in through the back door. If I wasn’t paying attention he could get in unnoticed- then before I realised what was happening- he would have sprawled himself out on the sofa, dropped crumbs everywhere, turned the tv up too loud, and basically taken over my home.

But I did catch him this time, and, as innocuous as he may appear at first, I know that if I believe his gentle enough opening lines, he has got me- I will find myself inviting him to stay, and- based on previous experience- he is one of the hardest house guests to evict- he is one who long overstays his welcome.

I look at him and see his weakness. His bold, harsh, critical words- all a masquerade. 

I’m not interested. 

He came in to tell me that my writing ‘isnt as good as other people’s’, I look him square in the eye and say ‘so what? It is an expression moving through me right now, I’m not in competition.’ That flummoxes him- he has no power without my collusion, and he has no choice but to slip silently away. Leaving me to free the stream of words onto the page. I have no doubt he will be back, but he isn’t getting supper in my house anymore- he will have to find seek his nourishment elsewhere.