the necessity of the ‘why’

I have been noticing recently that when I add something new to my routine, some things are super easy for me to stick to, and others things feel impossible and fall away after a few days.
I looked into it today to discover the reason for this. What I found was that the things I can stick to effortlessly all have a very clear purpose. I have an objective in mind when I’m carrying them out- and the desire to reach that specific objective it what carries me through.
For example, I am on day eleven of a forty day Lakshmi Sadhana. I started the Sadhana with the clear intention of calling in more financial abundance. Since starting, I have been much more aware of my finances. I have noticed subtle things that I might not have previously seen- receiving a gas bill and finding I am in credit, all the items I need in the supermarket being on offer, finding money in the street, and so on. It feels like there is some shifting in my finances, in other words. This helps me to feel inspired to continue the practise.
An example of something that I find it hard to stick to is my ‘daily’ yoga practise. I go through periods where I will get up and get on my mat first thing, I will do this for a few days, and its a great start to the day, but it always falls away really quickly. Instead I might opt to do morning pages, or spend some extra time in bed. It doesn’t stick. When I enquire into the reason for this, I discover that there is ambiguity around what I am hoping to get out of it. I see that every time I get on my mat, I seem to receive a gift- whether this is the letting go of something that no longer serves, some kind of insight or clarity…but I do not have a clear purpose for my practise.
For years I had this feeling -‘i can’t stick to anything’, and that seemed to be true, over and over. The fact of the matter is- I can stick to things- but only when I am very clear about why I am doing them, and what I am hoping they will bring to my life.
Pin down the ‘why’.

Much love, and blessed be, Lisa xx

New beginnings

Starting something new seems to bring about a strange mixed feeling in me. Something between, or somehow a combined version of-euphoria and terror. This year so far has been incredible. One new thing after another- out of my comfort zone doesn’t cover it. I have hardly slept with the anxiety. But I’m not off track- I feel it. I used to take anxiety as a sign that I was somehow doing something wrong- but at the moment, it seems to be arising because I am doing something new. Which, I guess, to the mammalian brain which is wired for survival- New is threatening- New is an unknown entity- New is the potential for death. And in some ways it is a death of something. A deviation from an old way of being. What we do does impact us, it does change us, we do come out the other side of our life experiences different to who we were when we went in-an old version of ourselves has died, something is post-war layers removed, skins shed. And its good. We are breaking New territory- claiming new ground. We are explorers moving through this life, checking off lessons; growing, expanding, connecting. It’s hard sometimes- but it’s just so so beautiful too.
All love, Lisa xxx