I don’t know

I don’t know anything. Should it be this way or that? What a question, it is simply as is. How can I feel it should be other than? This moment- drenched in tension, held in the tight embrace of fear, I still cannot see how another way would be better.
If this now is wrong, then I am wrong. And from this space I cannot make myself wrong, for who is there to blame?! This intensity running through the nerves of this wonderful manifestation I call ‘body’ is no more than a passing sensation. Small in fact, though all absorbing it may seem to be. What of this vastness beyond, what of the silence that surrounds that pulsating fear?! How I want to laugh when I witness the problems that I have believed in, when all is silence when I really look. Deep out of this silence is from whence the fear is born, and fall back into itself it will eventually. Like the ocean birthing a wave- the fear is birthed forward and it rises in intensity and then falls, back to its beloved Mother, the ocean Herself. The All that Is, the Peace and Freedom that all ‘things’ are imbued with and eventually will die back into. Only love is real, know this and Be Free!