Prayers for forgiveness

I connect to you, to your energy- from afar. I feel the dirtyness, I feel the grubby thoughts that you have been circulating about me. It’s oh so painful. The cord between us is polluted from your side and I am receiving that energy. It’s toxic. I want nothing to do with it.

All I can do is clear up my side. All I can do is to keep what I think about you in good shape. To look after my interpretations of situations between us. To love you as best as I can whilst keeping clear boundaries to look after me.

I look at you and I see your heart- your pure clear heart. But between that heart of yours and me, there is a great mess of judgement and delusion. Are you willing to look at it all and see it for what it is? A mind made nonsense that serves no real purpose. Yes, you could argue that in one sense it is there to protect you- but arguing is what got us into this mess to start with.
Maybe it’s time to stop arguing and start forgiving. And by forgiving, I mean seeing things as they really are. Being with reality. In reality- nothing bad is ever happening. In reality, it’s one moment flowing into the next moment into the next moment. There is nothing stuck in this great dance of life. Nothing stays fixed. Only the mind will have it that things remain the same.
The greatest act of courage in my eyes, is to stay in the heart of Being and allow all of Life to harmonise. All that is not in service to Truth will fall away. You alone will remain.
Are you prepared to take this step? Are you prepared to look at me in this moment as I am right now? Not the story of me that you have held so dear. Not how I acted one Sunday five years ago, but who I am in this moment. I pray for your willingness.
I pray for it because I want to meet you again. I want the stories to fall. I want our hearts to meld and I want to look into your eyes and see the purity of my Self, not your resentful concepts.
Please, let it all fall and come back to God with me.

In my prayers for ‘you’, I also pray deeply for ‘me’. May You, and I, and all Beings, be free.